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Lady Kurama's Scrapbook

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I design this site as a place to post my stories and other little details that i think my readers should know about. I will be updating these site frequently. So if you want to know what I'm too and when I'm going to be updating my stories, this is the place to check.


I know some of you want to kill me but please don't. If you kill me, the stories will remain unfinish and you don't want that. Well, don't worry I'm working on the following stories:

Foolish Games: Chap 17

Brawns and Brains: Chap 8

Forbidden Sins: Chap 8

Trust me: 7

 The Times of our Lives: Chap 9

Crush: a Family if his own: Chap 4

and the second part of Just Dessert

I'm hoping to start updating in the coming week. I'm not promising anything but i will do my best. I want to finish these stories because I want to start writing new ones. Thank you so much for your patience.



Working on updates for my stories. I just returned to school and not looking forward to this semester at all. Last semester was hell to me and my GPA went down so this semester I have to work harder to bring it back up but I hope to have some time to write and post my stories.